Bitcoin Conference 2021 Latest Updates

The Bitcoin 2021 wrapped up just a few days ago, bringing a lot of new info and improved sentiment in the markets. But what were some of the most important highlights? Should we invest in Bitcoin or instead buy Ethereum, as it is showing strength? The event had multiple surprises, announcements, and funny moments. And in this article, we take a look at all of them. Let’s delve in.

Max Keiser bashes Elon Musk

Max Keiser, the host of the Orange Pill podcast, is known for his unique temper. The ex-wall street trader turned Bitcoin maximalist has been very vocal about his belief in the original cryptocurrency, basing everyone and everything that imposes critical thinking against it. After the FUD caused by some of Elon Musk’s recent tweets, he took the stage on Bitcoin 2021 screaming “F*ck Elon, f*uck Elon”, shortly after having a keynote speech with Michael Saylor. Most attendees seemed delighted by the move and in agreement with his reaction. Elon Musk later retweeted the video footage tweeting “… is a hell of a drug”.


El Salvador makes Bitcoin legal tender

In a rather emotional speech, Jack Mallers announced that El Salvador, a country in Latin America, has been drafting a bill to recognize Bitcoin as legal tender. The founder of Strike talked about his visit to the country, the discussions they had, and why this move is important for the future and price of bitcoin. The bill passed with a supermajority of congressional votes two days later.


Jack Dorsey confronted by Laura Loomer

A surprise was awaiting Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter when he was confronted on stage during his keynote speech. Freedom activist Laura Loomer walked up to the stage and accused him of being the founder of a platform that is censoring everyone that goes against the official narrative of events and is partially responsible for election fraud. She continued mentioning that Bitcoin is all about decentralization and freedom and thus the polar opposite of Twitter, the company he founded. While she initially received some applause from the public, the majority of attendees started bashing her, and she was escorted out of the event by security.

Dogecoin Steals The Show

A pleasant surprise was kind of expected this time around. During a keynote speech of the event, a random attendee took the stage and shouted out that he had to make an important announcement. He then stripped into shorts and started screaming “Dogecoin to the moon” for as long as he could, until security took him out of the event. Elon Musk later tweeted that he found it quite funny, and the DOGE army retweeted it all over the social media platform.

Ross Ulbricht first interview since imprisonment

In his first interview since his arrest in 2013, Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht delivered a 30-minute recorded interview to attendees of Bitcoin 2021. The ex-founder of the infamous bitcoin-based darknet marketplace called Bitcoin Magazine from prison to appeal for freedom and was later placed in isolation for his decision to do so.

Floyd Mayweather Fails

One of the “honored guests” of the event, Floyd Mayweather, was brought on to increase awareness from the public, due to his large following and celebrity status. To the surprise of most, the ex-boxer took the stage and mentioned that “a cryptocurrency just as strong as Bitcoin will exist in the future. He was booed by the crowd, but didn’t seem to mind, as he mentioned that “it’s ok, it’s just like Uber and Lyft”. It was later said that Floyd had initially intended to stop on stage in an Ethereum t-shirt, but the organizers of the event did not approve of this.

And that’s a wrap! We hope you found the event enjoyable and are looking forward to the next year’s event in the country of El Salvador.

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