Look at These Indian Metaverse Startups

Metaverse is undoubtedly the new tomorrow, and some astonishing Indian Metaverse Startups are set to change our technological outlook. It is no secret that India has a massive role to play in the revolution of the Metaverse. Moreover, of the 2.7 billion in the world, India constitutes 440 million gamers. 

Since the country ranked first in the game downloads of the globe, finding startups in the Metaverse is quite evident. Considering the fact that being updated in today’s world is important, we have brought you solid information on the leading metaverse startups in India. Let’s have a look: 

The Era of Indian Metaverse Startups

Technology is at the top of its game today. The 3D world through the Metaverse can be a massive leap in the further development of the world. It would also unite people from the entire globe under one platform. All across the world, massive enterprises like Facebook and NVIDIA are already investing a colossal amount in upgrading their enterprises with Metaverse. 

Furthermore, there are numerous areas where Metaverse could have its hold. However, the gaming arena is the one where you would see most of the startups already having a start. Also, various companies and enterprises are initiating and entering the Metaverse space. So, get ready to explore the budding Metaverse Startups in India.


loka-Indian Metaverse Startups

Have you seen those games in Indian movies like the one in RA where a game provides a real-life experience? The same would now be true for people in real life too because LOKA is here. LOKA is India’s first gamified virtual Metaverse. This game is based on 3D maps of the actual locations in India like Connaught Place in New Delhi, the Marine Drive of Mumbai, and more. 

The brain behind this startup is Krishnan Sundararajan, and he founded this game in 2020 in New Delhi. Moving further, the players in this game will have to participate in the live gaming experiences, and the third-party apps fuel this game. The most intriguing part of this game is that you can actually enjoy moving freely in the game. You can go to shopping malls or visit restaurants and order food you like. LOKA has such a metaverse that will give you a cultural vibe. Not just this, but you also have the option to collaborate and socialize with new people. It can be undoubtedly considered one of the greatest Metaverse Startups. 

Zippy- Among Top Indian Metaverse Startups

Zippy- Indian Metaverse Startups

Zippy is one such game that is doing complete justice with Metaverse. This game is Gurugram, and Palo based for runners, and the users can have a real-life marathon experience. Furthermore, the most eye-catching feature of this game is that the users can connect with fellow runners from varied locations around the globe. Besides this, they can enjoy a safe, on-demand, immersive and enjoyable platform. 

Sunny Makroo, who is the founder of this game, started it in the year 2021. Zippy is a package where people can play in the virtual world with a natural feel and fit in the real life. Basically, this game is a virtual world where people can run in the significant marathon cities of the world like London, Tokyo, Mumbai, and Boston. Besides this, scenic beauty of beach runs or jungle trails are also available in this game. Here the players run along with their friends or go solo (with their twins or avatars). 

Furthermore, the game is in sync with the real kinematics of the actual world, and the fitness wearables, treadmills, as well as sensor treadmills are used to play. So, staying fit in the real world, socializing, and playing in the virtual world go hand in hand with Zippy. 



OneRare is among the budding Indian Metaverse Startups, which can also be quoted as India’s first game to play and earn. To be precise, this is a food metaverse game and is available on OxPolygon. The goal of this game is very simple: claiming the dishes you like. Furthermore, the users in this game need to unlock the DISH NFT successfully. And to do that, the users need to follow the recipes of the desired dish and farm the accurate ingredients. 

In addition to this, the game is based in New Delhi and was founded by Gaurav Gupta and Supreet Raju in March 2021. The most intriguing part of this game is that there is one DISH NFT of each and every recipe. This means that one user will be the wonder of ‘ONE RARE DISH’ in the entire world.

Bolly Heroes 

Bolly Heroes 

A world parallel to Bollywood is what Bolly Heroes is all about. The vision to build an entire Bollywood in the Metaverse is joining varied groups of people and investors here. This platform will provide people a space where they can create their own Bollyverse. This means that people can act, write, and produce their own characters and stories and also launch various community-driven movies, games, animations, and shows. Furthermore, BollyHeroes is built in collaboration with music labels, brands, production houses, gaming studios, celebrities, and animation companies. 

Furthermore, Bolly Heroes offers three primary types of NFTs: the end BFT, Hero NFT, and Real NFT. The purpose of each and every NFT is unique in itself, and each NFT holder receives rewards like incentives, revenue access, and new products. Besides this, there are other products in the Bollyverse, including Ultra Rare NFT. Using this NFT, users can create their own characters. Other than this, there are Bollybabies that allow users to create unique things with the merging and combination of other NFTs.

NextMeet- The Avatar of Indian Metaverse Startups


During the coronavirus pandemic, nearly every person experienced the feeling of isolation that accompanies remote work. However, working remotely would no longer be lonely now. One of India’s first avatar-based-immersive platforms, which facilitates video conferencing as well as networking in a virtual or 3D environment. 

Pushpak Kypuram started this company in October 2020 to eliminate UI fatigue and isolation related to remote working. The company takes various measures to make this company as real and efficient as possible. This is one of the best Indian Metaverse Startups that incorporates spatial audio, 3D avatars, and interactive environments for facilitating the greater UI and UX in the diverse ecosystem. 

Let’s talk about the present catering of the company. It most importantly caters to the segments like educational institutions, corporations, shows, virtual events, and more. 


Various metaverse startups are blooming with great persistence and perseverance. Technology is the answer to all problems, and when Metaverse is a part of our world officially, there will be a tremendous developmental revolution. Besides this, the Metaverse is a diversified term that cannot be clubbed together. However, we decided to club the first and the most active Indian Metaverse Startups.

We are confident that you must be very excited about witnessing the 3D or the Virtual world. Well, that day is not too far. Our nation is already working on it and will soon break all the thresholds and bring various prominent metaverse products, apps, offices, malls, and so much more. Stay tuned! 

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