The History of the Indian Lottery Explained

Lottery gaming has been around in India since the 90s, with the great participation of Indian communities from various states of India. The first lottery program in India was Kerala state lotteries, established in 1967 and run by the government of Kerala. The program’s objective was to create employment for people and supplement government finance operated under the tax department of Kerala. Online lottery is now common and easily accessible through phone devices and computers. Online lottery is legal in India as it is allowed in most states such as Goa and can be accessed at

Below are some of the top government lotteries in India today.

  • Kerala Lottery

The Kerala lottery was the first of its kind to be established and operated by the government of Kerala since 1967. It has six draws weekly, plus one on the last Sunday of every month. Their ticket cost ranges between 30rupee to 100 rupees, with the prized grand of up to 65million rupees.

  • Nagaland lottery

The Nagaland lottery is very common in India because the draws run daily. Each day, the lottery comes with a different name, making it more interesting for gamblers participating. The prize winnings range from 120-2,600,000 rupees, and members participating can get a lottery ticket for only 6 rupees.

  • Maharashtra lottery

Like other state-run lotteries, the Maharashtra government lottery is similar to the Kerala gaming lottery. The lottery draws every weekday at 4 pm with ticket pricing from 30rupee.

  • Mizoram lottery

The Mizoram lottery has three gaming levels: on a weekly basis, monthly and yearly series. Its weekly lottery conducts five draws running every day except on Fridays and Thursdays between 5 pm and 8 pm hour.

Top Online lotteries in India

Online gambling has evolved as years pass by, and several online sites and apps are available in India. These gaming apps can be installed on your mobile devices or on your desktop. This enhances the gaming experience, ensuring you do not miss any gaming available wherever you are. Here are the best online lotteries apps in India today:

1. Lottoland
The Lottoland app is downloadable to all android version devices. It is easy to use, which gives the user a friendly experience. It offers many lotteries like Powerball, mega millions, and euro millions. Members using this get to enjoy bonuses that boost their overall experience with the app, and it also supports the Indian rupee (INR) currency.

2. TheLotter

The latter app is compatible with Android, iOS, and iPad devices. The app allows the registered players to access the most popular lotteries, view the games’ dates available, and the prize structures. TheLotter has a 20% discount offer and allows you to customize how you receive results and notifications.

3. Multilotto

Multilotto app has over 30 international lotteries to offer to its members. Members can log in and get tickets using various modes of payment like Skrill, UPI, and Astro pay. The app is easily accessible as it supports Android and iOS operating systems.

4. Lotto 247

With lotto, 247 members can access international lotteries just like in the lottoland app. The app has a clearly designed layout and is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems via the link on their official site. Lotto 247 accepts UPI and G-PAY as ways to make payments.

International online lotteries in India

Aside from having various state lotteries, India has embraced various international online lotteries. This international lottery comes with greater prizes compared to the Indian state lottery. The international lottery has bigger draws which attract a lot of players than government-run lotteries. Here are the most popular international online lotteries.

1. EL Gordo

El Gordo originated from Spain but still is a popular lottery site in India and is well known for having a huge prize. The winning prize is always split between thousands of its members. The main lottery draw of El Gordo happens every December 22nd, televised all over Spain. Those participating purchase a ticket with the numbers printed instead of selecting random numbers like you would with the other lottery.

2. Mega Millions

The mega millions lottery offers big draws which attract the participants with great excitement. Like in other lotteries programs, you get to select five numbers here between 1 to 70 and a “golden ball “number between 1 and 25. The winning prize goes to 1.2 dollars.

3. Euromillions

Euromillions is another famous international lottery in India, originally from Europe. EuroMillions jackpot prize winning goes up to 250 million. Here, you choose five numbers between 1 and 50 and two “luck star” numbers from 1 to 12.

4. Powerball us

Powerball US is credited as the biggest lottery jackpot among the most popular lotteries in the US. Its gameplay is user-friendly -you only pick five numbers from 1 to 69 and a unique “Powerball “from 1 to 26.


While most international lotteries require players to pay to participate, you can still play for free using your welcoming bonuses. This kind of offer can happen by just joining the platform or when you make your first ticket purchase. To participate in any lottery, one has to create an account, deposit the amount of your choice, and purchase a ticket or tickets. When choosing an online lottery, one should consider the mode of payment that works best for them, for example, e-wallets like Skrill, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, or bank transfers such as the bank of India.

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