Slot themes that men prefer

Slots online are the definitive No. 1 gambling games in the whole world, and if you ask any gambling expert worth their weight in salt they’ll certainly agree here. The igaming developers like Play N GO, Just For The Win and Yggdrasil have proven themselves immensely capable of designing exponentially better games over the years, and it has all resulted in a ridiculously successful industry.

Aside from the fact that gamblers can play online slots at home with ease, one of the other big factors in the online slot gambling revolution is the fact that slots can come in a variety of different themes. It helps keeps the games fresh, and it also can attract men or women more depending on the theme in question. Keep reading for some slot themes that men prefer! 

Examples of slot themes that men prefer 

As we mentioned already, the online slot industry certainly wouldn’t be where it is today without the numerous different slot themes on offer, and you really have to hand it to the slot developers for constantly thinking up new themes. Men are still the biggest gambling demographic when it comes to slots, and here are a few slot themes that have cemented this: 

  • Ancient Gods: There are few things more impressive than ancient gods such as Zeus or Hercules, especially for action loving men. For this reason you can find plenty of ancient god themed slots, most of which will be exclusively aimed at men.
  • Classic casino theme: Of course, it’s not just men that loved the world of classic casino, however you cannot deny that 20th century casinos in places like Las Vegas were much more popular amongst men. For this reason the classic casino theme is a slot theme that men will prefer.
  • Adventure: There are plenty of slots out there that deal with adventure, especially games like Gonzo’s Quest or the Book of Dead. Just like with films, adventure themed slots will definitely stand out more for men, especially if there is a little bit of action involved!

Which developers have the best themes? 

Unfortunately not all slot developers are as good at making wicked slot themes as the frontrunners, and it is therefore a good idea to get to grips with which developers have the best themes. Here are our top picks: 

  • NetEnt: There is quite literally no theme that NetEnt cannot smash out of the park, something proven by their exceptional back-catalogue of games. They can vary from music themes, all the way through to adventure themes and classic casino themes.
  • Big Time Gaming: When people think of Big Time Gaming these days they tend to immediately think about their incredible Megaways mechanic, however another great thing about this burgeoning UK developer is the fact that their slot themes are incredibly unique and adventurous.
  • Yggdrasil: If you want to find a slot developer with the most bonkers themes you have to look at Yggdrasil. Vikings Go To Hell, in particular, has a crazy slot theme, and one perfect for men too.
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