Random Quantum is All Set To Change The Game Of Cybersecurity 

Though the term Cybersecurity is now a cliche, the novel approaches followed by cyber attackers are not. Millions of government agencies, banks, casinos, etc, have fallen victims to cyberattacks, for the last many years. With each attack being more and more potent than the earlier one. Countless cybersecurity firms are putting in their elbow grease to prevent these and secure their clients, albeit something is missing. Well, this company is all set to fill these gaps. 

Most cybersecurity firms in the world use the concept of random numbers to generate keys for encrypting data and make it hack-proof. However, the random number generators they use are of varying capabilities. Most of these work on mathematical algorithms and follow a pattern that may be hard to predict but not impossible to. So to enhance the magnitude of the unpredictability of random numbers, there is a need to step away from the usual and enter the new realm of Quantum Computing. That is where Random Quantum steps in!

What Random Quantum has on offer?

Random Quantum has brilliantly mastered the concept of Quantum Entanglement to generate truly random numbers, which translates into unbreakable encryption. They have a seasoned team of Quantum Physicists and researchers who came up with this system of true random numbers. The fact that Random Quantum has passed the Dieharder and NIST tests of true randomness is no less than a feat, yet evidence of its effectiveness.

What is Quantum Computing?

Quantum Physics can increase the computation capability by leaps and bounds and brings in the element of true randomness that is characterized by unpredictability and uncertainty. By tapping on this science, Random Quantum will give the cybersecurity firms the right edge to ensure unbreakable encryptions. Cracking a quantum computing encryption will be equivalent to counting the stars in the Sky. Well! That’s the power it holds. 

To know more about this Random Quantum, you must grab the chance of meeting the core team at the upcoming Cyber Tech 2020 event in Tel Aviv, Israel. The three-day event will commence on 28th January, and also feature many leading faces of the global Cybersecurity industry.

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