Online Betting on Cricket in India for Real Money

Cricket was brought to India in the 19th century when India was not a separate country but only a colony of England. It was then that cricket was brought on British ships. 

Today, cricket is recognized as a national sport in India because of its ever-increasing popularity across the country. Today, nearly 1.5 billion people are living in India and every one of them knows about cricket. Moreover, most of them are passionate about the sport in some way: some play it, some watch it, and place bets. 

Cricket Betting in India

A cricket bet is a sum of money that a person wants to increase as a result of the outcome of a match. The most common bet is a choice between two teams. The player must correctly guess who will be the winner at the end of the match. A bet is placed on a particular team and at a particular odd. The odds show how many times the amount of money bet will increase if the outcome is favorable to the bettor. 

Today, the people of India love the sport itself as well as betting on cricket. This affection generates a lot of demand, which, of course, entails a huge supply. 

The Legality of Cricket Betting in India

When it comes to the laws governing gambling in the country, many people think of The Public Gambling Act of 1867. This act prohibits the operation of any gambling establishments within India as well as any gambling-related activities. 

However, the Act, which dates back to 1867, is unlikely to fully regulate today’s gambling establishments. And, indeed, it does. In today’s reality, with the existence of the internet, The Act has little or no force. 

Online platforms that offer to gamble and betting services to their customers are headquartered outside India. This allows bookmakers to stay out of the country’s laws. 

So, today, almost all places that offer gambling services, including online cricket betting for real money, are legal.

How to Bet on Cricket Online?

As we have already established, betting on cricket can only be done legally using the internet. In order to start betting on cricket, you first need to choose a bookmaker to help you with this. 

  1. Go to the official sportsbook website or download the app for online cricket betting for real money;
  2. Choose how you want to bet: on upcoming matches or on those that are taking place right now;
  3. Find the desired page on the website or in the app, depending on your preference;
  4. Find a suitable cricket match;
  5. Click on the odds of the team you think will be the winner;
  6. Confirm the bet. Usually, bookmakers have a separate menu that prompts customers to decide on a bet amount and confirm it. 

Choosing a Bookmaker for Online Cricket Betting for Real Money

As already mentioned, choosing a bookmaker will allow you to place your bets. However, few people have any idea what a good bookmaker should be like. Now let’s understand how to choose a bookmaker for online cricket betting. 

The most important thing when choosing a bookmaker is reliability and honesty. After all, if you entrust your money to a sportsbook and it cheats you, it will be unpleasant at the very least. 

To understand which bookmaker is better and which one is worse, we advise you to read articles with bookmaker recommendations, research bookmakers yourself, and read detailed reviews and reviews on specific bookmakers. All this together will help you to decide what is right for you, and you will also understand which sportsbooks are cheating their users.

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