A Guide to Make Money From Instagram In India

Instagram is a fast-growing online platform and has quickly gained over one billion active users. Many users are seeking ways to make money from Instagram in India. There are stories of Instagrammers who are cashing in on the pictures they snap and share daily. And indeed, this thought might have nudged you in a similar direction at some point. Similarly, if you wish to learn how to make money on Instagram, you not only need to grow your followers but also need a suitable business model and strategy.

Instagram has an abundance of opportunities for creators and the ones who seek to bring their business online. Yet the main crux of getting successful at earning from Instagram is doing thorough research. Continue reading to get inspired by examples from creators and brands. Also, find exclusive tips for making money on Instagram.

Money and Instagram

Money and Instagram

Making money on Instagram covers various aspects and ways. The first and foremost thing that will help you succeed in this journey is resilience, optimism, and creative efforts. So let us now explore different ways of making money through Instagram in India.

Monetise Your Videos to Make Money from Instagram

You can start earning through advertisements by simply turning on the monetisation setting on your Instagram account with the steps mentioned below:

  • Firstly, access your account settings, click on Creator, and then select In-Streaming Video Ad.
  • Secondly, click on Get Started, go through the terms and agreements, and navigate to allow monetisation.
  • Finally, post videos and start making money.

Partnering with Brands

Partnering with brands will help you earn swiftly. You can easily partner with brands to promote their products and services when you are a content creator. Furthermore, follow certain restrictions made by Instagram on sponsored content. One important thing to note is that you cannot enable or support anything related to drugs or weapons.

Moreover, the average amount of revenue you earn from sponsored content is generally based on the follower count and the engagement rate you possess. Moreover, according to the rules created by Instagram and new rules framed by ASCI, it is mandatory for you to disclose the paid partnerships or collaborations. Furthermore, we recommend you read the complete list of norms on Instagram to understand what qualifies as sponsored or paid collaboration. 

Promoting the Affiliate Link

You can earn commission for promoting the products and services through affiliate marketing. There is an option to quickly partner with brands or affiliate marketing networks to promote specific products and services that are relevant to your audiences.

To be precise, you can promote affiliate links through your Instagram bio, videos, captions, and posts for your audience or followers. You can quickly expect to earn a commission of five to fifteen per cent on every sale. In order to start affiliate marketing, dig into comprehensive research to find your niche and keep looking for affiliate programs to join. 

Working with Sponsored Content to Make Money from Instagram

Brands mainly collaborate or team up with Instagrammers to promote their products and services, and these deals are transactional. All you need to do is post videos that highlight the sponsored product.

These deals are usually managed by marketing agencies that work with the brands. However, the revenue you generate would be emphasised by your number of likes and followers.

Shopping on Instagram

You can set up a store on Instagram if you have a product that you want to sell. Further, you need to create an Instagram business account and a product catalogue. Once you have set up your product catalogue, you can easily promote your product by making your content shoppable. Further, you can also tag specific brands on Instagram products anywhere on the platform. Additionally, organising products in different collections is also possible here.

Instagram also provides rich insights into your store’s performance. Besides this, Instagram Shopping is only available for managed clients in India. Apart from this, if you have your website, you can promote your products through Instagram ads. Shopping is one of the most fun and easiest ways to make money using this platform.

Fan Membership and Exclusive Content

Various membership platforms help creators earn monthly revenue or income by rewarding their subscribers. Patreon is one such membership platform. You can simply place the Patreon link in your Instagram bio and promote it. Furthermore, you also have the option to place that link on your posts and stories that are published.

Moreover, a way to promote your Patreon account is to conduct giveaway contests. For instance, you can set up rules for the contest, in which you can specify that the follower should opt for the membership to attain eligibility for the contest. 

You can use the Patreon account for publishing long-form videos, including tutorials, step-by-step guides, and behind-the-scenes content from your channel.

Licensing Photographs and Videos

You can license the photographs and videos to selected brands as a content creator. And if you get chosen by a brand, you will earn for every picture or video they use. 

Although people consider it a complicated aspect, the policies of Instagram keep changing with time and era. The terms of the platform reveal that they have a non-exclusive, sub-licensable, fully paid and royalty-free, transferable, worldwide license to use user’s content. This clearly means that Instagram has all the rights from the original content owner aside from it is not an exclusive license, and Instagram is free to use it.

People will have the right to use your content or work without attribution if you register your content under creative commons. You will find various types of licenses which determine how the image can be used under creative commons. 

Make Money from Instagram Through Consulting

When you are an influencer, you have the power to share your knowledge and expertise with other content creators. This also helps them in increasing their audience or subscribers. Moreover, Instagram Consultants are always in demand as bands, small businesses, and individuals are looking to optimise their online presence on Instagram.

In Addition, as an Instagram Consultant, you will have the option to charge $15-$50 per hour. And if you become an experienced Instagram consultant, you can charge between $50 and $100 per hour. However, according to the platform’s growth, there will also be an increasing need for consultants. The main reason for the same is that most creators are unaware of how to make money using Instagram in India.

IGTV Advertisements

A big and powerful way to connect with your audience is IGTV. You can earn money for the content that you produce with the IGTV videos. Furthermore, when you monetise content on Instagram, you provide brands with the option of promoting their products or services within the videos you post. In addition, your earnings are determined by the number of views your video produces. This is called Monetizable Plays.

You will get 55 per cent of the ad income generated for each view, and it will be paid monthly. When advertising is enabled, new monetisation metrics can be easily found on Insights.


Your Instagram community can support you with badges in Live and help you to earn money from the content you created.

When supporters purchase the badges, you will see hearts next to their username. Further, you can check the total number of badges bought along with your revenue. In order to have an insight into your income in greater detail, you just need to click ‘VIEW’ during your Live video. And you can also view your total badge count by visiting “Badges Settings” at any time after the event has concluded.

Important Tips to Make Money from Instagram

Always Have a Niche 

You must choose a niche that you like and try to be an expert in it. Having a target audience will make it much easier for you to gain followers and brand partnerships. To simplify, try to stay confined to a specific arena. An example of limiting oneself to a niche could be focusing only on carb-free cuisines. Focusing on a subject will also differentiate you from the competition. Besides this, you would have a greater chance to interact with highly relevant brands in the industry of your niche.

Regular Engagement

You need to build a strong community by having connections with others. Also, you need to often like, comment, message, and share other people’s content. Further, allowing others to know you and see you as a natural person is also important. You will undoubtedly have good engagement if you actively engage with the ones already creating content on the platform. 

Add Tags to the Posts 

Using hashtags, geotags, and tag brands in your posts is the best way to increase your reach and engagement. Further, this will even help you discover new followers and also reach or crack varied new brand deals.

Have a Multi-Channel Approach 

You need to be very active on other platforms or channels like YouTube and start working to make money through it. Also, you should start blogs as well as newsletters to easily cross-promote your accounts. Doing this would certainly be great in attracting the relevant people from different niches. This would also improve reach and help with your brand recognition.

Always be Proactive and Resilient.

Being proactive and resilient is very important. Regardless of your method, you need to take decisive action by messaging brands about new partnership deals. You also need to apply for several ambassador programs and collaborate with others as well. If you don’t start earning immediately, don’t give up and try not to leave any opportunity. And gradually, you will notice that fate will be in your hands, and you will be able to achieve every milestone.


Instagram is a vast community and offers diverse ways to make money. We have mentioned the ways that would make this journey easier for you by many folds. Although the more you dig into research, the more you will explore. Apart from the list of dos, you need to be very much patient and full of diligence and determination if you wish to have a hold on Instagram. Therefore, start your hustle today, be creative, and make money from Instagram.

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