Top 10 Individual Investors in Indian Stock Market

Like any other thriving industry, there is no scarcity of investors in Indian stock market. The market is a great option for any investor seeking to grow and shine with good financial gains. And if one wants to make a hold in this arena, there are two ways for it, one is going on the pitch and trying, and the second is observing the footsteps of Successful Investors in India. And according to the history of stock markets, you need to follow both if you wish to succeed. You need to take inspiration from the best Investors in Indian Stock Market.

When you comprehend the ways that lead to investors’ success, you can take inspiration from them and incorporate those visions. Also, having an idea about the shares they are choosing and when they invest can help you learn extensively about the stock market. You can have a picture as a whole and learn how and when to invest. A lot is waiting for you on the platter. We will discuss the top investor’s portfolios, their investment pattern, and many other crucial factors.

Indian Stock Market- Investors and Related Aspects

List of Top X Investors In Indian Stock Market

We checked various parameters for all the investors and accordingly ranked them. The top 10 market investors in India have been listed out here. We have not only evaluated the numbers of the investors but also analysed their style of investment, diversification, the popularity of the investors, and other factors.

Hence, you can learn a lot from observing the style of these investors for investing, so keep reading.

Premji and Associates

Premji and Associates

Azim Premji has the highest net worth amongst all the investors in India. Premji and Associates are known for WIPRO, the third-largest Information Technology company in the country. There are four stocks in which Premji invests primarily, and he has managed to be one of the top investors in Indian stock market. Out of the four stocks, he invests the most in Wipro. Besides this, the investment style of Premji is that he buys and then holds the shares for the long term.

Holdings and Investments of Premji and Associates:

Azim Premji is one of the most intelligent investors in Indian stock market. As pointed out earlier, he invests in four stocks. Let’s have a look:

  • Of the four stocks, he invests the most in Wipro Ltd. Premji has invested an amount of Rs 256701 crores in them.
  • Further, he has recently invested in a few stocks like Trent Ltd., while the investment here is worth Rs 561 crores.
  • Moreover, Premji also holds 2820161 shares of Tube Investments of India Ltd., which is up to Rs 467.5 crores in worth.
  • Craftsman Automation Ltd. is his newly added stock. He owns 223400 shares which amount to Rs 49.2 crores.
  • Apart from his significant investments, he also has a limited number of shares in a few other companies, such as Voltas Ltd., DCB Bank Ltd., and more.

Radhakrishnan Damani

Radhakrishnan Damani

Radhakrishnan Damani has a serene and powerful image in the Indian Stock market. He is mainly referred to as “Mr. White and White” because he always wears white. RK Damani has also mentored the stock market king Rakesh Jhunjunwala. There is a lot that you can learn from him. He primarily holds a share of his own firm D-Mart whose parent company is Avenue Supermarts Ltd. He has a very diversified portfolio with an investment style of picking stocks that can boom in the future but presently are less valued. However, most of his investment is in retail stocks, and he makes very few public appearances. 

Holdings and Investments of Radhakrishnan Damani:

There are fourteen significant holdings of RK Damani. Here are some primary ones:

  • The 422159156 shares of Avenue Supermarts Ltd. amount to Rs 203,244.3 crores. 
  • He has another vast investment in VST Industries Ltd. This is a stock where he holds 32.3% shares. There are 4981129 shares, and the net worth of this investment is Rs 1,553.2 crores.
  • Additionally, 12.7% of his funds are in India Cements Ltd, followed by 2.4% investment in Sundaram finance ltd., which is worth Rs 607.6 crores.
  • Moreover, there are other shares like Trend Ltd., United Breweries Ltd., Metropolis Healthcare Ltd., and more.

Mukul Agarwal

Mukul Agarwal

Mukul Agarwal is regarded as India’s new share market star. With diligence and determination, he managed to get his name included in the list of best investors in Indian stock market. He is a successful entrepreneur who has his wealth management and financial advisory services company in Patna. Besides this, he is a great TedX and motivational speaker.

In Addition, Mukul Agarwal carries an aggressive style of investing where he invests in stocks in small segments. However, he finds the stocks capable of generating astronomical returns and then invests in them and waits for the gain. Also, some of his bets have been successful ones. Talking about such bets, Paras Defence was one of them, and it went up, increasing the portfolio of Mukul Agarwal in a single shot.

Holdings and Investments of Mukul Agarwal:

Mukul Agarwal has a total of 47 Stocks in his portfolio at present, and his returns are spectacular. Moreover, his portfolio is highly diversified with stocks of different sectors, and this reduces the risk to a great extent. 

  • Some of his most essential stocks are Intellect Designs Arena Ltd., which has an investment worth Rs 160.4 crores.
  • Furthermore, there is Radico Khaitan Ltd. This is a company where he has invested Rs 150.8 crores till date.
  • Additionally, his portfolio has shares of PDS Multinational Fashion Ltd., Gati Ltd., Delta Corp., and many other essential stocks.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is a popular and top investor in the Indian stock market. He is regarded as the ‘Share Market King of India’ and the “Big Bull,” not because of his Net Worth but his Social Attitude. In Addition, Mr.Rakesh is very popular amongst investors, traders, and finance professionals in the country and abroad. Besides this, he makes frequent media appearances. And inspires a lot of investors across the nation and worldwide. Moreover, he has stocks from almost all the industries and sectors such as Banking & Finance, Manufacturing, Construction, IT, Pharma, and others.

Holdings and Investments of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala:

There are a total of 39 stocks in the portfolio of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, and he has one of the most diversified portfolios among all top investors in the country.

  • Some of the most extensive holdings include Titan Company Ltd.’s shares. He invested Rs 10,131.1 crores which are spread amongst 43300970 shares.
  • Furthermore, he also holds shares Tata of Motors Ltd., which are worth Rs 1,805.9 crores. 
  • Apart from the mentioned shares, Crisil Ltd, Escorts Ltd., Fortis Healthcare Ltd., SAIL, and many other shares are there in his portfolio.

Sunil Singhania 

Sunil Singhania 

Sunil Singhania has one of the most famous investors in Indian stock market. He was the CIO of Reliance mutual funds. He presently has his own Abakkus Fund house and is running it with utmost precision. Furthermore, Mr.Singhania is one of the country’s most-followed stock market investors. While looking at his style of investments, it is apparent that he mainly places his bets on mid-caps and small-cap stocks. Also, he goes for investing when he has an in-depth understanding of these stocks. Most of the investors follow his moves and invest accordingly.

Holdings and Investments of Sunil Singhania:

Sunil Singhania has a total of 26 stocks, and he invests in different sectors as well for diversification benefits. All his investments are carried out in diversified arenas, which gives him the image of a diversified investor.

  • Some of his major investments are in Mastek Ltd., Route Mobile Ltd., Jindal Stainless (Hisar) Ltd., and Acrysil Ltd.
  • Sunil Singhania also has stakes in Saregama India Ltd., which is obviously beyond any introduction as a company or brand.
  • Further, he recently disinvested in Polyplex Corporation Ltd.
  • Additionally, he recently added Paras Defence and Space Technologies Ltd. to his portfolio.

Ashish Dhawan

Ashish Dhawan

Ashish Dhawan is an Indian investor in the Stock market with years of experience and is also a philanthropist and an entrepreneur. He is considered the Top 10 Big Bull of the Indian Stock Market for his keen insight into this arena. Talking about his career in general, he is the CEO of Central State Foundation and the founder of Ashoka University. 

Ashish Dhawan’s investment style is about spreading his investment in both large-cap and mid-cap stocks. There are a total of 16 stocks in his portfolio, and these stocks are from different sectors. 

Holdings and Investments of Ashish Dhawan:

As pointed out, Ashish Dhawan has diversified stocks from different sectors in his portfolio. 

  • Mr. Dhawan has Pharma stocks of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd., which are worth Rs 259.5 crores, and he has a total of 5100000 shares of the company.
  • Further, he has Bank Stocks of IDFC Ltd., and he invested in 56000000 shares of IDFC Ltd. the value of the investment at present is worth Rs 301 crores.
  • He also has stocks of Birlasoft Ltd., Equitas Holdings Ltd., and more. 
  • Further, he has been a famous face in the investment industry and a well-known entrepreneur as well.

Ashish Kacholia- Among the Best Mid-Cap Investors in Indian Stock Market


Ashish Kacholia

Ashish Kacholia is among the top investors in Indian Stock market who is known for his bets on low-cost stocks which have the potential to provide grand returns. He always stays aloof from the media, although he is termed as the ‘Big Whale of the Stock Market’ by financial and business journalists. He managed to get extensive profits from his investments. For instance, his stocks of Gateway Distriparks brought him a 140% return in a year. Likewise, he owns various investments as such at distinct industries. 

Holdings and Investments of Ashish Kacholia:

  • He holds 27 stocks in his portfolio, and some of the big bets are in Mastek Ltd. 
  • Additionally, he holds seven lakh shares. The value of his investment is Rs 195.1 crores at present.
  • Further, he has invested in 1600000 shares of Poly Medicure Ltd., And the investment of these shares is worth Rs 151.5 crores. 
  • On top of that, he has NIIT Ltd. shares, Philips Carbon Black Ltd., VRL Logistics Ltd., and many such shares that have the potential to grow enormously.

Anil Kumar Goel

Anil Kumar Goel

Anil Kumar Goel is yet another brilliant investor in the Indian Stock Market. He is well known for his bets in the manufacturing industry. He has a portfolio of 34 stocks in total. And have had a profile that portrays consistent growth.

If you are looking to invest in food, beverages, and tobacco stocks, you can follow Anil Kumar Goel. He maintains a diversified portfolio and carries his choices with precision.

Holdings and Investments of Anil Kumar Goel:

A portfolio with 34 stocks says it all that Anil Kumar Goel is highly inclined to invest. However, his investments are worth looking at. 

  • Mr. Goel recently bought 45 lakh shares of Samtex Fashions worth Rs 2.9 crore.
  • He also invested in Indsil Hydro Power and Manganese Ltd.’s 3 lakh shares. The value of these shares is Rs 1.4 crores at present.
  • Then he has recent investments in Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd., Amarjothi Spinning Mills Ltd. This indicates that he is more into investing in stocks of manufacturing companies.
  • Even his top investments are in sugar mills like Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd., where he has invested in 8366000 shares. The investment at present is worth Rs 254.4 crores.
  • Then there is KRBL Ltd., where he has an investment of Rs 242.3 crores. Then again, there are sugar mills in his portfolio.
  • Furthermore, in Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Ltd., he has stakes worth Rs 191.0 crores.

Mohnish Pabrai- One of the Best Investors in Indian Stock Market

Mohnish Pabrai- Investors in Indian stock market

Mohnish Pabrai is not only one of the top investors in Indian Stock Market but also a revered entrepreneur. With utmost perfection, he runs the Pabrai, the Fund house and Dhandho Fund. In addition to being an entrepreneur, he is an Indian-American Business owner with extensive years of investment experience. Moreover, he has a very selective investment approach where he invests in a few stocks only and stays invested for a long duration. Besides this, he is moderately active on social media.

Holdings and Investments of Mohnish Pabrai:

If you wish to generate returns from selective stocks, then there is no better investor than Mohnish Pabrai. You can look up to him constantly because he has just three stocks in his portfolio, but his portfolio’s value is over Rs 1000 crores. While looking for stocks, he has finance & real estate stocks in his portfolio. 

  • His top investment includes Finance Stocks, i.e., Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd., where he invested in 58703028 shares. Furthermore, the value of this investment at present is Rs 428.8 crores. Therefore, if you look at his investment pattern, he has bought and sold this share by a significant value every quarter.
  • The second stock he invests in is Rain Industries Ltd., where he has an investment of Rs 409.8 crores. He has 18855170 shares of this firm.
  • The third stock in his portfolio is Sunteck Realty Ltd. He currently has 9781736 shares of this firm, which is around 6.7% of the company’s total shares.

Akash Bhansali

Akash Bhansali-Investors in Indian stock market

Akash Bhansali is one of the top investors in Indian stock market and has an intriguing portfolio. He doesn’t own any IT or pharma stocks in his portfolio. Moreover, he is an ace investor with years of industry experience. If you want to have a decently diversified portfolio, you can follow Akash Bhansali. Furthermore, if you are looking to invest in the retail sector, construction, and cement stocks, he is the person to follow. Additionally, Mr.Bhansali also has Chemical Stocks in his portfolio. 

Holdings and Investments of Akash Bhansali:

Akash Bhansali has a diversified yet balanced portfolio with 15 stocks at present. His far-sightedness is what makes him have a prominent position in the stock market industry.

  • Some of his highly invested stocks are Arvind Fashions Ltd., where he invested a total of 8009153 shares, whose total value is 236.6 crores.
  • He also holds HDFC LTS’s shares. The total number of shares he invested here is 34350421, and it is worth Rs 184.5 Crores presently. 
  • Akash Bhansali has also invested in Amber Enterprise India Ltd, Welspun Corp Ltd., Greenlam Industries Ltd., Maharashtra Seamless Ltd, Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd, and other stocks. In all these stocks, he has a holding that ranges from 1.5% to 5%. 

Synopsis of Experienced Top Investors in Indian Stock Market

Taking advice from someone who has already walked a mile in the shoes that you seek helps a lot. When choosing the best investors, their experience was considered an essential criterion. 

Therefore, we ensured giving you an insight into the most experienced investors in Indian Stock Market. So while talking about the investing experience, the first person to top the list is Radhakrishnan Damani, who started investing back in the 1970s. RK Damani has been investing for 50 years. Hence he has witnessed the literal growth of the industry.

Then comes Rakesh Jhujhunwala, a student of RK Damani, started investing in the year 1985, and it has been 36 years since he entered the industry. 

Furthermore, we have Mukul Agarwal on the list, who has an experience of 30 years in the investment industry. Then comes Sunil Singhania with 22 years of investing experience, followed by Ashish Dhawan and Ashish Kacholia, both have an experience in investing of 20 years, respectively. 


Learning is a lifelong process, and chances to grow always increase when one learns from the failure or success of others. And the investors mentioned in this list are no less than role models and inspirations for the stock market industry. Now that you have the primary details of the top 10 investors in Indian stock market, you can scrutinize them even more. While analysing their investment tactics, you would probably get an introduction to the stock market industry. 

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