How to Make Money in India (For Students) – 2022 Version

In recent times, I have come across many articles that tell us how we can make money online in India as a student. But most of these articles lacked practical details. This article gives you practical “How To” information that will help you find ways for making money while studying. It does not matter if you are an engineering student or a B-school student, there are many ways to make money in India for students.

If you are a student and don’t have much money to spare or you want to earn some extra cash for your college expenses, you are in luck. I will tell you how you can make money online if you are a student. I think it’s an awesome idea for students to be making money in India. I’ve had my ups and downs and mistakes but still never regret taking the path that I did. Anyway, this write-up is here to help you along. Enjoy!

Make Money in India As a Student

The ways mentioned below are proven ways to make money online without investment. However, they might not be get-rich-quick schemes. They require reasonable efforts for a few months.

Become a Freelancer

Students, especially in India, aren’t given many opportunities to work as freelancers. And that’s a very big mistake. If you are one such student, then instead of applying for part-time jobs, I would suggest you become a freelancer. There are ample platforms where you can create your profile and start getting projects from many different clients. These platforms don’t only give you money but also create your portfolio which later can assist you in getting higher-paying jobs.

The best way to make money as a freelancer is by using your hobby as a side hustle. All you need is a decent internet and some basic skills in the area of your interest, like Web design or content writing, for example. Find some freelancing portals such as, Upwork, Fiverr. Create your profile and start bidding on jobs!

The more you’re able to demonstrate your expertise, the higher are your chances of earning a decent income.

Earn Money by Blogging

Another famous way to earn money in India as a student is through blogging. Making a WordPress blog is really easy and doesn’t require any coding skills.

A blog can be a great way to express your thoughts, share knowledge and experience with others or just have fun! Blogging is also an excellent opportunity for students who want some extra income while studying in India because it’s possible that you will make more money from blogging.

If you have a blog that gets some traffic, you can monetize your blog with ads (Google Adsense) or affiliate links. You can also make money by selling your own products on the blog, like ebooks and other digital content that you create yourself! The more time spent writing quality posts with a lot of research behind them will lead to higher chances for making some extra income from blogging in India as a student.

Be a Affiliate Marketer while being a Student

Affiliate marketing is another way to earn money online in India as a student without any investment. You can promote products from other companies on your blog and earn a commission for every sale you make. For example, if I have an online store that sells electronics like laptops or smartphones then the company will pay me commissions when someone buys one of these items through my affiliate link!

Two most common platforms to earn from affiliate marketing in India are Amazon Associates and Flipkart. Amazon Affiliates is a program that allows you to earn commissions on qualifying purchases made through the site or app, without any cost for shipping! You can also promote your own products in this platform as well by registering them with their affiliate programs (you will need an account).

If you are wondering how to make money in India for students, you can combine blogging and affiliate marketing for a decent income of about Rs. 50,000 per month to Rs. 1 Lakh per month.

Become a Consultant

A consultant is someone who provides expert advice or services, typically to businesses. Consultants are usually experts in a particular field and provide their expertise on an as-needed basis for projects that may be too large (or otherwise outside the scope) of what one person can handle alone.

If you are an expert in a subject matter like digital marketing, social media, ad campaigns, you can consult for companies to help them with their marketing strategies.

The benefits of consulting are that you can work on your own schedule, set the rates and choose what projects interest or excite you most while still being able make a decent living from it as well! You will also have more time in between clients (or during slow periods) where there is no pressure at all – this gives consultants an opportunity to take care themselves by working out regularly; taking up new hobbies like cooking classes etc.; spending quality family-time together when not traveling around meeting people.

Make Money Vlogging

If writing is not something that you can do, you can also make money by vlogging.

A lot of people are making a living through YouTube and other social media channels, but you don’t have to be an expert in front-facing camera work or video editing for it.

In order to earn money from Youtube in India as a student, you can just talk about your life experiences with friends; what’s happening at home etc., while also providing tips on how they could do things better themselves too if need arises. This way there will always something new coming up every week which makes this type one lucrative business idea worth considering seriously before taking any steps forward towards starting out yourself today.

People also love to watch videos that are helpful to them. You can make videos about new technology, how to cook a certain dish, or even just the latest fashion trends. If you have an interesting story that people would be interested in hearing about then there is no reason why it can’t make money for you.

Online Teaching Options in India

I understand that you are a student. But, the fact is that you can make money online teaching. What you need to do is create a course on your favorite topic and start selling it through the internet. You will be surprised how much people are willing pay for this type of knowledge these days…they’re even ready-to go out there in search themselves too because they want their lives improved so badly that nothing else matters anymore but getting what’s best available at any given time which makes them more than happy with paying whatever price necessary.

There are websites like Udemy, Vedantu in India where you can earn money by teaching a specific subject or skill.

Students can try Influencer Marketing

You might be active on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You might have noticed that some people are getting a lot of attention for their posts on these platforms while others aren’t even being seen by anyone at all! What is the difference between those who get lots more likes or followers than most? They’re influencers – they’ve got something special about them which makes other want to follow what’s going in with this person…whether it be fashion tips from someone like Kylie Jenner (who has over 100 million Instagram Followers) or fitness advice coming out form an expert such as Kayla Itsines (@kaylaiitsine), there seems no end when you look around online today because everyone wants help making better decisions so badly.

You too can become an influencer and earn money by charging for your posts on social media. The best way to do this is by using a platform like Famebit, which connects influencers with brands and companies who want them for advertising campaigns or collaborations – you can also use other platforms such as YouTube (which has over one billion active users), Instagram (@instagram) Twitter @twitter etc…to promote products that are relevant in the market today so people will buy it! You could even charge Rs. 500 to Rs. 10,000 per post. But make sure there’s an agreement between both parties before posting anything.

Flipping Websites

Another way for students to make money in India is by flipping websites. Flipping a website means buying an existing site that’s already making some form of revenue and then doing something with it, like improving the design or adding more content to make it better.

This method, however, requires some investment and skills. In this case, you need to have a good understanding of the web design and programming languages. You also should be able to find an existing website that has potential for growth or improvement in order make it worth your investment time-wise as well financially! If not then don’t bother with flipping websites because there’s no point wasting either money nor effort on something without any return at all…unless maybe if its just out curiosity? But I would recommend against doing anything like investing too much into such ventures unless one is really confident about their skillset when dealing with such things.

Learn and Earn – Stock Market Trading

Earning money from the stock market is a great way to make money in India for students. It’s not as simple and easy, but it can be done with some investment of time (and sometimes even cash) into the process! Learn more stock investment ideas from Motley Fool Stock review.

The first thing you need to know before anything else are stocks or shares that have potential growth prospects – this means they should either already show signs like being on an upward trend from their price history charts OR there needs ot at least seem promising by looking through company reports etc…

Once these criteria has been met then one just buys them when prices go down so much which will happen eventually because no stock stays up forever without dropping back again every now-then. Stock markrket trading is a bit risky option but it be quite lucrative if you learn few concepts and have some luck.

Data Entry Jobs

If you are looking at easy option to earn money in India for students, then data entry jobs are the best option. You can do these from your home and you will not need any special skills or qualifications to get started with this type of work which is why it’s so popular among students.

If data typing sounds like something interesting, then there might be some companies in India where one could apply as an employee – but if someone prefers being self employed (which means working on his own) he should look into freelancing sites such as Upwork because those allow people without experience too start out easily by doing small tasks first before taking up bigger ones later when more skilled workers would charge higher rates per hour than beginners


There are many ways for students to make money. All you need is a few hours online and some basic skills. Don’t get too picky when it comes down to working hard from day one of your new job!

Earning while learning is an excellent thing. I hope this article has been helpful to you. If you found this article helpful, share it with your friends.

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