Baccarat Strategy Tips for Beginners – Tips to Follow

Baccarat was once a card game accessible only to the rich, but today, any player can play baccarat in online casinos. The game has simple rules. Moreover, it is a game of mixed chance and strategy, which means that you can implement strategies to improve your odds of winning.

Baccarat is one of the most popular Indian online casino games, and playing baccarat at the best online casino in India is an unbeatable experience. Guest author Monin Manne shares baccarat strategy tips for beginners that will help you get started and help you be better prepared before you start playing baccarat for real money.

Baccarat Rules – How to Play Baccarat for Beginners

Indian online casino sites use four, six, or eight standard decks of 52 playing cards to play a round of baccarat. As many as 12 players can play baccarat per gaming session, although some online casinos seat fewer players. Baccarat players aim to beat the dealer by creating a hand worth nine or as close to it as possible.

Baccarat does not use Jokers. The playing cards bearing numbers (2 – 9) are worth their face value. All picture cards and tens are worth zero, and the aces are worth one. If a hand is worth a double-digit number, its value is only the second number in the digit. For example, 12 is worth only 2, and 10 is worth zero.  

Baccarat has only three betting options—the player bet, the banker bet, and the tie. Usually, players bet on the banker’s hand or the player’s hand. They avoid the tie bet because of its high house advantage.

Here are the steps to play baccarat at an Indian online casino:

  •   Wager real money on one of the three betting options.
  •   The player and the banker receive two cards each from the dealer.
  •   The winner is the hand that is worth nine or as close to nine as possible.
  •   Under certain special circumstances, the player and the banker can draw a third card.

You can boost your baccarat winnings by using the following tips and strategies:

Learn the Rules

Avoid playing baccarat without first understanding its rules. Online casinos offer several variants of baccarat, but we recommend playing basic baccarat first so that you can learn its rules thoroughly.

When you are ready to try out the other baccarat variants, take the time to read their rules carefully. Although based on standard baccarat rules, each variant stands in a class of its own. Your gaming strategy should change according to the rules.

Bet on the Player or the Banker

If you are new to playing baccarat, bet only on the player’s hand or the banker’s hand. Players use different strategies to decide whether they should bet on the banker or the player. Develop a baccarat gaming strategy of your own and stick to it.

Avoid Placing the Tie Bet

As previously mentioned, baccarat has three betting options, each with a different house edge. The house edge for the Player Bet and the Banker Bet is very low. While the house edge for the Banker Bet is 1.06%, the house edge for the Player Bet is 1.24%.

The Tie Bet is the worst baccarat bet because of its high house advantage of 14.4%. This means that you will lose 14.4 credits out of every 100 credits you wager on the game. If you are a beginner who is eager to avoid frustration at any cost, don’t bet on the tie while playing baccarat.

Play Free Baccarat Games

The best online casino in India offers free baccarat games and generous baccarat bonuses. You can play even if you don’t have a registered account. A few online casinos, however, want you to register before accessing their game libraries.

Although you won’t win real money by playing baccarat for free, you will gain the experience and expertise you require for wagering real money on the game. So play the demo version of baccarat as long as you please before playing for real money.

When you gain the confidence to play baccarat, we suggest you start playing with low stakes and play in small sessions. When you finish your session, do a review of what you did right and what you did wrong as this is the best way to learn and improve with each baccarat session.  


Baccarat is a great way for you to make money as the game is exciting, easy to play, and offers fast action. However, make sure you set limits on your time per session and how much you are willing to spend per session. If you stick to these rules while playing baccarat, you will end up having a great baccarat session every time you play at an online casino in India. 

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